How Tone Deaf Became Australia’s #1 Music Publisher

How Tone Deaf Became Australia’s #1 Music Publisher

The Brag Media’s music title Tone Deaf is now the number one music publisher in Australia, reaching 5.43 million Australians per week. B&T spoken with The Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis (pictured) to find out more.

Can you tell us a little about some of Tone Deaf ‘s work?

Tone Deaf is a music publisher that is a content marketing lead for brands and the music industry who want to connect with music fans.

Few people know this but a recent Repucom study placed music as the Number 1 leisure interest of the millennials generation.

This is a seismic shift from TV dominated previous generations.

Our work places equal emphasis on engagement and reach [Tone Deaf receives more than 13 million likes, comments, click and shares per week].

We believe it doesn’t matter how many people have seen an ad where display has rendered or pre-roll run if it’s just wallpaper, no possible way to truly engage.

This is why we talk about “engaged reach” with all our work and partners.

How does Tone Deaf differentiate itself from other publishers?

Unlike other publishers, we have a very active role within our industry.

We work daily with record labels, promoters and management.

These relationships aren’t simply transactional, they are symbiotic where value is being shared in both directions.

We don’t just carry news for the music industry, we are a part of it.

Why do you think Tone Deaf’s content has resonated so well with audiences?

Two main reasons:
1. As I said music is the number one interest for millennials, and Tone Deaf is one of the few publishers who are “all in” on this category so naturally Australians are gravitating to us.

2. We publish a combination of editorial, content marketing, memes and original video content. We have the same approach with all things we publish, that is, we ask ourselves, “Will music fans react to this? Will it drive shares, debate or conversation?” If the answer is yes, we publish, and it seems to be working.

What is some of the feedback you have received from artists that you’ve worked with?

Here is a testimonial we had from one band we worked with (Polish Club, who are this week’s Triple J Feature Album).

“It was refreshing to work with a publisher who wanted a partner with us on a content strategy, not just take our money for banner advertising.

“It was a four-month project that resulted in an increase in social numbers, engagement levels and helped drive ticket sales.

“We loved the fact they had a staunch focus on content their audience wanted to read and watch but were still accommodating to the type of content the band wanted to make and how they wanted to be perceived,” Quincy, Artist Manager.

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