“The Value Needs To Be There For Everyone”: Osher Günsberg On The Three-Way Exchange Of TV Show Sponorship

“The Value Needs To Be There For Everyone”: Osher Günsberg On The Three-Way Exchange Of TV Show Sponorship

“We’ve come a long way since the Garnier Green Room on Australian Idol days,” says The Bachelor host (and host of The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Masked Singer, and the narrator of Bondi Rescue) Osher Günsberg.

Working in the TV industry since 1999, Günsberg told B&T the changes he’s seen in show integrations have been “fascinating”.

Long gone are the in-your-face Garnier Green Rooms (à la Idol days). Nowadays, integrations need to make sense, said Günsberg, especially on shows like The Bachelor.

“Our audience is the most switched-on audience. They can sense an inauthentic integration quicker than they can sense someone who’s not on Bachelor for the right reasons. That’s why we have to be really, really careful [who 10 partners with].

“It can’t be obtrusive. It has to be an authentic involvement that is meaningful and to be honest, not just taking the piss. The way we’ve managed to work integrations [into Bachelor] is a real credit to the sales and editorial team.”

Günsberg said audiences these days have a keen sense of inauthentic ads and integrations.

“They can sniff out when it’s real and when it’s not. And the moment you have inauthenticity around integration, it loses its value, and no one wants that.

“I think the way we’ve done is it a real model for how it can get done and should be getting done. It’s business. TV’s not cheap to make and someone has to pay for it, and we have to make sure the value is there for everyone.

Günsberg said the value used to just be for the client and network, but now it’s a three-way exchange.

“The viewer has to feel the value too, otherwise the other two sides of that triangle vanish. It’s really important that we get that right and I’m really proud of how we’ve done it.”

This year’s Bachelor sponsors include: Youfoodz, Garnier, Nissan, Bonds, Magnum, Blistex and Starbucks at Home.

Speaking to what viewers can expect from this season of Bachelor, Günsberg said it’s been certainly been a “weird” experience attempting to film a show about love and romance during a pandemic. He also said the team at 10 and Warner Brothers have worked very hard to create a safe TV show that involves people “pashing during a pandemic”.

He added: “Brilliantly, the concept of isolation already exists in the show. The girls are already in a house, the bachelor is in a house and we control strictly who has contact with that person. But when it comes to the technicalities of television involved like makeup, audio and people getting close to you, all of us got tested.

“I feel really safe going to work. And I have to hand it to Lachy and the ladies. They just took it in their stride.”

Sneak peeks of the season, which airs on 10 tonight, shows Lachy and the girls on Zoom dates. On whether Günsberg thinks this is enough to engage and entice viewers, he said “absolutely”.

“Interesting times call for interesting measures. It ended up being a really compelling show. It’s really extraordinary.

“It led to some fascinating turns and twists in the storyline. It a real-life love story now, because it replicates the real love relationship and courtship process, which now is involving video chats, texting and DMs and all that stuff. It’s fascinating.”

Also a host of 10’s The Masked Singer, Günsberg said this season is bigger than ever and COVID is to thank for that.

“Look, let’s just say, the fact that the international border is closed, it has been great for the show. No one can tour. No one could go and make a movie overseas. The things we’ve seen already are blowing our minds. It’s so fun. It’s so silly. It’s truly the warm hug we need right now.”

The Masked Singer major sponsors include Big W, Vodafone, Foster Grant’s Sunglasses available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse and KFC.

On partnering with 10 and The Masked Singer, KFC CMO Kristi Woolrych said: “The Masked Singer proved to be a ratings hit last year and we’re excited to announce KFC’s partnership with Channel 10 in 2020.

“After seeing Cody Simpson surprise the nation and win the first season, we hope Aussies are ready for a second season filled with even more mystery and ballads.

“As part of this sponsorship, we’ll be commissioning three bespoke, behind the scenes style content pieces, that will capture the MIBs in their element but also showing the Masks enjoying a moment of release from their demanding show biz schedules, so keep your eyes peeled! Good luck to all the Masks this year and we’re all excited to see who is crowned the 2020 Masked Zinger. I mean Singer!”


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