The Boston Globe Releases Satirical Front Page Of A World Where Trump’s In Charge

The Boston Globe Releases Satirical Front Page Of A World Where Trump’s In Charge

The Boston Globe has revealed a mock-up news front page if Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States.

The chilling page from the US newspaper headlines potential topics like  ‘Deportations to Begin’, ‘US soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families’ and ‘Trump on Nobel prize shortlist’.

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In the editor’s note, the newspaper says that while the news may appeal to some people, it terrifies The Boston Globe.

“This is Donald Trump’s America,” the ed’s note reads. “What you read on this page is what might happen if the GOP frontrunner can put his ideas into practice, his words into action. Many Americans might find this vision appealing, but the Globe’s editorial board finds it deeply troubling.”


The editorial accompanying the future front-page criticises Trump and urges Republicans to stop him at any cost.

“Donald J. Trump’s vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American,” it says.

“It is easy to find historical antecedents. The rise of demagogic strongmen is an all too common phenomenon on our small planet. And what marks each of those dark episodes is a failure to fathom where a leader’s vision leads, to carry rhetoric to its logical conclusion. The satirical front page of this section attempts to do just that, to envision what America looks like with Trump in the White House.

“It is an exercise in taking a man at his word.

“And his vision of America promises to be as appalling in real life as it is in black and white on the page. It is a vision that demands an active and engaged opposition.

“It requires an opposition as focused on denying Trump the White House as the candidate is flippant and reckless about securing it.”

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