Study: Hungry Jack’s And KFC The Preferred Fast Food Of Aussie Footy Fans


With the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo fast-approaching, real-world intelligence data platform Near has taken a deep dive into the behaviour of global rugby fans.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Rugby Fans’ study derived data-led insights from around 60,000 APAC rugby fans who attended various matches and tournaments throughout 2018.

One of the key findings was around fast food choices.

In Australia, Hungry Jack’s and KFC were the preferred fast food joints among rugby fans (both local and tourists) during the 2018 games.

Throughout all of APAC, KFC was the top choice for both locals and tourists, followed by McDonald’s.

The study also found that one-third of the rugby fans enjoyed other sports and visited sporting facilities like gyms, swimming pool, sports shops, basketball courts and soccer stadiums.

For those who travelled to watch their favourite players in action, Holiday Inn was the top hotel choice in 5 of the 12 cities, followed by Marriott (3 of 12) and Novotel (3 of 12).

All of these insights were derived using the same technology Near uses to help brands it works with brands to track the physical behaviour of their customers through AI.

“The data we collected and analysed presents insights in terms of market-specific demographic data and general regional trends which highlight Gender, Age Group, Home District/City, preferences for hotels, travel, fast food, etc,” Near said.

“Rugby Fans were also categorised into local fans and visiting rugby tourists to understand differences in their profiles.”


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