Study: Bachelorettes’ Insta Fame Soars By As Much As 256%

Study: Bachelorettes’ Insta Fame Soars By As Much As 256%

It’s often said that many of the contestants on 10’s The Bachelor aren’t looking for love but rather Instagram fame.

And now new data from digital marketing firm SEMrush has proven that even the shortest of TV careers is a boon to the bachelorettes’ social media stardom.

According to SEMrush’s research, the most engaging tweets associated with The Bachelor didn’t actually involve any women from the show.

Gaining the most engagement was Matt’s tweet on August 24 where he announced he formally received his PhD. The second most engaging tweet was posted on August 14 and involved Matt’s ‘date’ with Studio 10’s Melbourne Correspondent, Denise Scott.

SEMrush then studied the bachelorettes’ increase in Instagram followers from the start of the show a month ago until last Monday. Check out the results below:

Chelsie McLeod up 256 per cent.
Kristen Czyszek up 200 per cent.
Emma Roche up 169 per cent.
Abbie Chatfield up 94 per cent.
Sogand Mohtat up 85 per cent.
Helena Sauzier up 79 per cent.
Elly Miles up 67 per cent.
Nikki Ferris up 63 per cent.
Mary Viturino up 58 per cent.
Monique Morley up 38 per cent.

SEMrush also found that prior to the show airing, Melbourne based makeup artist Jessica Brody (below) already had more than 271,000 followers – this is far more than any of the other girls in the Bachelor mansion before the show aired. She was eliminated from The Bachelor after a very short stint on the show.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.40.58 am

During the period from July 31st, when the first episode aired, through to August 26, Jessica Brody had received the highest total number of Twitter mentions during this period. This was followed by:

1.       Monique Morley

2.       Rachael Arahill

3.       Sam Royce

4.       Abbie Chatfield

5.       Julia Hyde

6.       Renee Barrett

7.       Vakoo Kauapirura

8.       Emma Roche

9.       Elly Miles




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