Sandilands Declares “War” On Nova And “Those Clowns At 2DayFM”

Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony arrive at the 28th ARIA Awards at The Star, in Sydney, Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014. (AAP Image/Joel Carrett) NO ARCHIVING

Sydney breakfast radio looks set for an interesting turn after renowned rabble rouser and trouble maker Kyle Sandilands declared “war” on his rivals on his Kyle and Jackie O Show show this morning.

And in his sights are NOVA and his former employer, Southern Cross’s 2DayFM.

Sandilands said he had information on his rivals and suggested they had been involved in unscrupulous practices, or “bad shit” as he called it.

On Monday’s Media Watch program, rival NOVA was called out by the media watchdog for allegedly running the one winner of Adele tickets on its Sydney and Melbourne shows claiming they were different people from the two different states.

The incident sent Sandilands into a rage this morning, calling NOVA “cheating, lying bastards”. His comments reported on News Corp websites.

Sandilands even played the NOVA segment on his ARN-owned radio show this morning. “This shocked me – through trickery and dodgy editing, they’re making it sound like it’s a winner in Melbourne and Sydney,” he said. “They copped a spray [on Media Watch] … and rightly so.”

However, Sandilands is apparently using the incident as a clarion call for what he sees as other devious practices used by radio broadcasters.

“I’m not finished. This is only day one of my ‘D-Day for radio,’” he said.

“Bringing down the opposition is on Thursday. Nova – you should change your billboards to ‘it’s all over for Nova’. And those clowns at 2DayFM, don’t think you get out of it either.

“You’re going to cop it as well. I’ve been digging around … I’ve got some great shit on people, things that people have done bad.

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