Russia Accuses Google Of Advertising “Illegal” Mass Protests

Russia Accuses Google Of Advertising “Illegal” Mass Protests

Russia has accused Google of promoting “illegal mass events” and demanded the tech giant stop broadcasting anti-Russia protests.

Russian media overseer Roskomnadzor sent Google a letter over the weekend concerning YouTube broadcasts of “unsanctioned” mass events and the use of push notifications to promote such protests.

“According to available information, several entities possessing Youtube channels have bought advertising instruments [such as push notifications] with the aim of distributing information about unsanctioned [illegal] mass events, including those aimed at disrupting regional and federal elections,” Roskomnadzor said in the statement.

According to Roskomnadzor, some users are receiving push notifications even if they’re not subscribed to the channels broadcasting the protests.

Protests in Russia have been escalating recently, with 50,000 people demonstrating in Moscow over the weekend (feature image) to fight for fair elections.

Russia also accused the US of encouraging the protests.

For Google, the threats from Russia mean the company now risks being blocked in the European country – a move which would damage the company’s bottom line.

The company is yet to respond to the news.

It comes after President Trump warned the search engine company he was “watching Google very closely” for bias in the upcoming American elections.


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