Poo Jogger Update: Police Fail To Sniff Out Culprit As Trail Goes Cold

Poo Jogger Update: Police Fail To Sniff Out Culprit As Trail Goes Cold

As reported on B&T on Monday, the blonde woman filmed defecating out the front of Roxy Jacenko’s PR offices in Sydney’s Paddington may have had her identity revealed in certain media circles, however, she has continued to elude the local police’s investigation.

According to reports on News.com.au, Paddington police’s investigation into the woman’s identity has apparently gone cold. And that’s despite video of the woman’s face being plastered across practically every news site in the country.

A police spokesperson telling News: “No charges have been laid and the investigation is ongoing.”

If convicted, the woman faces a maximum penalty of three-months in prison and/or a $660 fine if it is dealt with by a Magistrate in the Local Court.

There may be further fines or punishment for not coming forward to police.

Or it could even be worse. In February this year, a 24-year-old woman snuck into a car dealership on Sydney’s northern beaches at 2am and defecated in the tray of a white Isuzu ute.

Unfortunately, the woman was busted by police patrolling the area and she was given an on the spot fine of $850, later fined $500 for offensive conduct and a further $350 fine for unlawfully entering enclosed land without lawful excuse. She was also ordered by police to clean up the deposit she left behind, which she did with a with a latex glove. You can read the full legal report on arguably Australia’s most expensive poo here.

When it comes to Jacenko’s defecator, the woman’s identity has apparently been revealed to journalists at Nine’s ACA who, as yet, have not publicly shamed her. Probably for legal reasons.

According to reports, friends of the woman – dubbed the “poo jogger” – have claimed the woman is “not doing well” following the enormous media interest in the story.

The unidentified acquaintance added: “And there is so much more backstory to this footage that you cannot communicate on social media, and if people knew what was going on in this woman’s life they would not be behaving in this way.”

Meanwhile, Jacenko has come under attack in certain media circles for inflaming the story and, in doing so, getting immeasurable PR for herself and her business.

News Corp columnist Frances Whiting labelled Jacenko’s actions as a form of “public stoning of sorts”.

“A considered act of finger pointing to make someone bow their heads in mortification, and very possibly never leave their home again,” Whiting wrote in an editorial for Brisbane’s Courier-Mail on Tuesday.

“To me, there is something clearly very wrong with the person in question, something clearly very wrong in current circumstance that has resulted in this behaviour.

“And I would further suggest that she needs help, not harassment,” Whiting railed.





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