Piccolo PR Founder Launches GreenWave Specialist, SHUK Communications

Piccolo PR Founder Launches GreenWave Specialist, SHUK Communications

SHUK Communications is a strategic communications, public relations and issues-management agency that helps companies and organisations achieve key outcomes vital to brand growth.

Piccolo PR founder, Sarah Cichy said: “SHUK communications has been launched to celebrate science, embrace technology & elevate innovation in specialist areas of greenspace, gaming, food and beverage.

“As the global mindset towards cannabis alters and evolves, matures and shifts, brands working in this dynamic, young market will have many unique obstacles to overcome.

“It’s natural to have a narrow focus and not think beyond the concept of cultivation and distribution.”

Cichy added: “The reality is there are so many components and people connected to the industry which is creating an exciting stimulus for innovation.”

The cannabis industry is nascent.

While legislation across the world is controversial and global expansion may concern purists, the legalisation of cannabis and cannabis-derived products continues to gain momentum in Australia.

Cichy continued: “Opportunity exists for us to design communication campaigns centred around education, accountability, authenticity and responsibility to help define a future in an undefined market.

“SHUK communications has been launched to help brands navigate through the green mist and encourage people to reconsider their preconceptions related to the industry.”

SHUK Communications is truly is at the forefront of the burgeoning cannabis sector- creating and implementing strategic PR solutions to help cutting-edge GreenWave brands promote the ground-breaking work they do in this dynamic, evolving field.

The future looks green indeed, with a wealth of potential in other cannabis-related industries, including investment, advocacy, agricultural innovation, botany, wellbeing, medicine and science.

Founder of SHUK Communications, Sarah Cichy is overjoyed with global success and notoriety.

Cichy said: “We are building a portfolio of international clients who are growing at an impressive pace- commuting overseas regularly to meet with the brightest innovators, leading researchers, scientists and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in the dynamic cannabis industry.”

Most recently the SHUK team returned from Canada, Montreal where they hosted a launch party with Snoop Dogg – a testament to their standing in the greenspace.

The event achieved worldwide headlines and contributed to the brand’s overnight rise in share prices.

Cichy concluded: “We actively support the best and brightest innovators and find smart, sustainable ways to promote the voices of leading researchers, scientists and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in these dynamic sectors.”

Each member of the SHUK team are aware of the very latest policy and legislation and utilise this to develop a communications strategy with education in mind to leverage PR opportunities without risking legal pitfalls.

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