Paper Moose Defeats Banjo Bastion In Gruen’s The Pitch

Paper Moose Defeats Banjo Bastion In Gruen’s The Pitch

Last night’s episode of Gruen saw Paper Moose go head to head with Banjo Bastion in The Pitch.

In a controversial move, the brief asked Paper Moose to convince atheists to turn to God, and for Banjo to plead the case against God.

Banjo Bastion pointed out all the good things that will land you in hell, and asked believers to ditch religion with a tagline “Do whatever the hell you want”.

Paper Moose CEO, Nick Hunter introduced the second ad: “We wanted to use everyday logic, that atheists already subscribe to, to make God an obvious, logical choice.”

Paper Moose’s 30 second spot argued that we pay for insurance policies covering a whole range of probabilities, so why not take out a free eternal life policy just in case, with the line “God, you’d be mad not to.”

Despite Russel Howcroft suffering a moment of existential confusion on the topic, all four panellists, including new faces Miriam Wells (opr Agency) and Peita Pacey (OMD), gave the nod to Paper Moose.

Todd Sampson pointed out the high quality of Banjo Bastion’s offering, before also giving his vote to Paper Moose.

Sitting across the cusp of advertising and production, Paper Moose works to a non-traditional model, which allows them to produce a wide range of creative work – including a recently released series for Disney, Alphabet Street, and the Don’t be a tosser campaign for EPA.


Producer: Nicole Hofstädter

Copywriter: Kate Holdsworth

Creative Director: Nick Hunter

Director of Photography: Dimitri Zaunders

Editor: Oliver Trauth-Goik

Designer: Divya Abe

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