Nine Accused Of Shielding “Brazen” Ben McCormack

Nine Accused Of Shielding “Brazen” Ben McCormack

Former Channel Nine reporter, Caroline Marcus (main picture), has revealed that Ben McCormack was quite “open and brazen” about his sexual attraction to young boys while employed at the network.

Marcus, who now works for Sky News, was interviewed by the broadcaster’s Peta Credlin over the weekend and revealed she was “not surprised at all” when the 43-year-old was arrested on child pornography charges in April.

Marcus had previously made a workplace complaint about McCormack after he’d made anti-semitic comments to her.

Nine has denied the allegations, saying Marcus had an “axe to grind against Ben”. A Nine spokeswoman adding that she had “no prior knowledge of the claims being made in relation to the charges against Ben McCormack”.

Last Thursday, McCormack was spared a jail term after pleading guilty to two charges of using a carriage service to transmit, publish or promote child pornography.

Marcus telling Credlin’s Sky News program: “I was quite troubled when I worked there by how open and brazen he was in talking about his attraction to young boys.

“The thing that saddens me and angers me is that there still seems to be some sort of protection. There are colleagues that during the court case, during the proceedings, that would be taking him out to bars … they had been quite public in their support.

“There were clearly underage boys who would come on the television screens and he would make comments indicating his sexual attraction to them,” she revealed.

Marcus added there were “plenty” of people at Nine who were apparently aware of his attraction to boys and, more disturbing had made sexually-skewed comments about employee’s younger relatives.

“He would make comments to (co-workers) about their 14-year-old male relative saying ‘he’s hot’,” Marcus said.

She then that revealed ACA’s  then executive producer Grant Williams had suspicions about McCormack before his arrest and had tried to “get rid of him” however was unable to. Williams was apparently removed to another part of the network after he attempted to stop staff supporting McCormack.

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