Nielsen: Still Top Read News Site, As Yahoo7 Soars

Nielsen: Still Top Read News Site, As Yahoo7 Soars

Nielsen digital news rankings for February 2018 revealed that (5.7 million) remained the top news entity, increasing one per cent when compared with the previous year.

In comparison with February 2017, there were changes in the ranking order for the next nine news entity rankings.

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In second place was ABC News websites (4.8 million, up one per cent), who moved up from fourth place. In third place was (4.6 million, steady) who fell from second place. (3.9 million, done nine per cent) moved from third place to fourth place.

Next, was Yahoo7 news websites (3.1 million, up  25 per cent year on year) which moved from seventh to fifth place, followed by The Daily Mail (2.8 million, down five per cent), which dropped from fifth place to sixth place.

The Guardian (2.6 million, down four per cent) which had previously held sixth place in February 2017, moved back to seventh place. Next was BBC (2.4 million, up eight per cent) which jumped up from eleventh to eighth place.

In ninth place was MSN News (2.1 million, up 19 per cent) who jumped up into the top 10 from 14th place. Lastly was The Age (2.0 million), which fell from eighth place.


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