Meet The Women Leading Tech: Eliiza Data Scientist Fiona Milne

Meet The Women Leading Tech: Eliiza Data Scientist Fiona Milne

Our inaugural Women Leading Tech event has sadly been postponed until September. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the tech talent driving our industry forward. Meet the women leading tech.

For Eliiza data scientist Fiona Milne, working as a woman in a tech is not just about applying her skillset to deliver results, it’s also about paving the way for others.

Currently part of the data science team at Eliiza, part of Mantel Group, Milne works with clients to deliver machine learning outcomes in everything from energy bills to social media sentiment.

But her contribution to the company is equally matched by her contribution to women in technology as a community.

Milne has been instrumental in developing Mantel Group’s nine-week internship program. The program is for talented women who aren’t currently working in the technology sector but are looking to build a career in the industry by gaining hands-on experience and training. 

The program began in 2018 and took in three interns and in 2019 trained four interns for software engineering. All seven female interns now have permanent positions with Mantel Group.

Outside of her work with Eliiza, Milne has also founded the ‘Women in Machine Learning and Data Science’ Meetup alongside two industry colleagues. The group encourages and supports women in the industry through monthly events which include speakers, panels, evening and lunchtime events. The group now has more than 1,200 members and is part of a global movement with chapters all over the world.

With a Masters in Astrophysics, she also has spent time working on ‘passion projects’ which use machine learning to at images from Kepler telescope and leveraging Google AI’s open source library Astronet to potentially discover new exoplanets.


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