Macquarie Promises Advertisers “Full Review” Of Alan Jones’ Radio Show

Macquarie Promises Advertisers “Full Review” Of Alan Jones’ Radio Show

Macquarie Media have promised a “full review” of Alan Jones’ breakfast show after 100 advertisers boycotted the program following Jones’ unsavoury comments relating to New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting it has received a letter from Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate that was sent to disgruntled advertisers. Both the SMH and 54 per cent of Macquarie are owned by Nine Entertainment.

In the letter, Tate says Jones’ comments “fell below the community standards expected of us as a broadcaster”.

The letter continued: “This incident has brought into sharp focus the need for all Macquarie Media broadcasters to ensure that the debate they bring to the microphone and the words they use are, at all times, respectful and reflect the standards expected today by our listeners, our clients, and the wider community.”

Tate noted that Jones had apologised for the comments that saw the network lose a reported $1 million of advertising. According to media reports, Jones is now on a final warning and will be sacked for any further inflammatory comments.

“Through this incident, we have experienced the ability of offended groups to greatly amplify their complaints and to actively disrupt you, our clients and your staff, who have done no more than seek to engage with the audience which chooses to listen to us,” Tate’s letter read.

“Of course, we have seen valued commercial partners withdraw from Alan’s program, but the fact is we got it wrong in the first place and we must now do everything possible to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

“To that end, we have already commenced, with Alan’s encouragement and support, a full review of the 2GB/4BC Breakfast Show’s content, presentation and controls with a specific focus on audience and guest/third party engagement. That review will extend into all 2GB/4BC programs,” the letter read.

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