McDonald’s & KFC Unveil Logo Twists For International Women’s Day (Yes, Cue The Hate!)

McDonald’s & KFC Unveil Logo Twists For International Women’s Day (Yes, Cue The Hate!)

Fast food behemoths McDonald’s and KFC both showed their support to International Women’s Day yesterday revealing twists to their world-famous logos.

In the US, McDonald’s flipped its famous “golden arches” upside down to resemble a “W” for women. The flip was done on all the burger chain’s social media marketing, while an actual restaurant in Lynwood, California, went to all the effort of actually turning the famed signed out the front upside down. It also handed out Women’s Day t-shirts and hats at 100 of its restaurants.


However, not everyone was thrilled with McDonald’s newfound pro-woman stance. Many people noting that the burger giant had a dubious record on paying the bare minimum wage, alongside poor paid family leave entitlements, plus a string of sexual harassment claims against female employees.

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Meanwhile, in chicken-loving Malaysia, KFC replaced its world-famous Colonel Sanders logo with his wife, Claudia. Check out the flip below.


And again, not everyone was happy with the appearance of Claudia who many believe was actually an adulterous home-wrecker. Claudia was Sanders’ second wife who he had an extra-marital affair with when he was still married and she was working at one of his restaurants. While, judging by some of the social media posts below, most Malaysians appeared wholly underwhelmed by the stunt.

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