Japan Macca’s’ X-Rated New Menu Item Goes Viral

Japan Macca’s’ X-Rated New Menu Item Goes Viral
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McDonald’s Japan has released a new dessert item that has gone viral, and it’s not due to its taste.

The FMCG giant recently unveiled its “Otona no Kuriimu Pai”, which is a dessert with a Belgian chocolate or cream cheese filling.

Innocent enough, if you translate the name into English, you get something rather X-rated: “adult cream pie”.

McDonald’s Japan started marketing its new menu item on social media a few days ago, with its website describing the dessert as and ‘”Adult cream pie” to satisfy the adult mind’.

It also launched a video campaign to go alongside the release of the new item. In the ad, a young woman asks an older woman if the pie was “really that delicious?”

The older woman responds: “If you eat it once, you’ll be filled” before they both get into a taxi and head to McDonald’s.

Twitter users quickly began roasting the ad over its major translation fail.

One wrote: “I know a few people that will be lined up for these.”

Another said: “Population declining is a real issue here in Japan, so …”

However, some have suggested the new item name is not a “lost in translation” moment but rather it was an intentional double-entendre thanks to the rather obvious innuendos in the advertising of the item.




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