Lindsay Lohan Reprises ‘Mean Girl’ Role In Witty Work For Eco Sport Shoe Brand

Lindsay Lohan Reprises ‘Mean Girl’ Role In Witty Work For Eco Sport Shoe Brand

Not a fan of Lindsay Lohan’s seminal body of work? Then very possibly the actor’s new ad for eco-friendly shoe brand Allbirds may make no sense whatsoever.

The 36-year-old Lohan dons the Lycra for the new spot that has her referencing 1998’s The Parent Trap and 2004’s Mean Girls. So, yes, if you’re like B&T and not seen either film, the ad’s poignant cultural references may fly straight over your head.

The spot’s called “Unexpected Athlete: Lindsay Lohan in the Tree Flyers” and begins with a shot of Lohan’s bedroom, which features Oreos and peanut butter on top of a side table – a reference to the bite twin Hallie and Annie eat in The Parent Trap. 

Then, Lohan slowly descends down her staircase as she explains, “I didn’t run track in high school, I was more of a mathlete” – a reference to her role as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, who was a star mathlete.

Afterwards, Lohan walks to her shoe collection in her lounge room and opts for a pink pair of  Allbirds as she smiles at the camera, saying, “Well, it’s Wednesday.” The nod pays tribute to Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfriend) in Mean Girls, who was iconic for explaining the Plastics’ unbreakable fashion rule: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Finally, Lohan puts on her Allbirds and exclaims, “Perfect for a queen bee like Lindsay Lohan,” before jogging out the door.

Watch Lohan in action below. And don’t say you’ve not had the jokes explained to you.




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