JCDecaux Warns It Will Take “Bushfire Brandalism” Activists To The Police

JCDecaux Warns It Will Take “Bushfire Brandalism” Activists To The Police

Out-of-home player JCDecaux has issued a warning to the “Bushfire Brandalism” activists who have been vandalising their assets with climate change art, suggesting it will not hesitate to take the matter to the police.

An artist collective has taken to the streets of Sydney, replacing JCDecaux bus stop ads with pro-environment advertisements.

Dressed in hi-viz vests with JCDecaux’s logo on the back and using an allen key, the activists have been replacing corporate advertising with political artwork asking Australia and its politicians to take more action against climate change.

A JCDecaux spokeswoman said the company had been aware of the vandalism campaign for a while and is now considering going to the police if the issue continues.

“JCDecaux haven’t contacted authorities at this point – but will be left with no choice if it persists,” she told The Australian.

The #BushfireBrandalism collective is comprised of 41 artists across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. So far, they have targeted roughly 80 advertising spots.

Some of the artwork includes Scott Morrison dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and saying “Merry crisis”, a melting Caramello Koala, a portrait of ScoMo with the words “climate denial” across his forehead and the Australian continent crying.

A Bushfire Brandalism spokesperson told The Oz they weren’t intentionally targeting JCDecaux but felt it was a necessary action to promote the urgent need for climate action.




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  • Zed Elliott 2 months ago

    While i agree with the sentiment, to replace paying advertising without permission is really to be robbing companies of their media spend. It’s theft.

    At least it’s creating the stir it wanted to. Just hope they don’t end up fined or in jail sued with a class action form jilted advertisers!

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