Future Tech Could Have Us Shopping From Our Fridge Door And Wearing Smart Bras

Future Tech Could Have Us Shopping From Our Fridge Door And Wearing Smart Bras

If doing your groceries from the door of your fridge and turning on your house lights from the car as you arrive home sound appealing, then the future, my friend, is looking bright.

The world’s biggest consumer technology fair, Consumer Electronics Show, is underway in Las Vegas, and hot shot brands like Ford, Samsung and Bosch are all sharing their predictions and new gadgets for the future.

Some 3600 companies and more than 150,000 participants from 150 countries are lapping up future trends at CES, which is also showcasing new advances in virtual reality, drones, high definition TVs, wearable gadgets and international security on the web.

Among the major announcements at CES was carmaker Ford’s tie-up with Amazon to connect the car with the “smart home”.

Per The Australian, the integration of Ford cars with Amazon, known as Amazon Echo, will allow users to open the garage door before reaching home, control house lights, thermostats, home security system and other devices from the car.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said in a news conference at Las Vegas they are eyeing off the end of the year as the date to start rolling out these offerings for consumers.

Tech company Cisco threw down the gauntlet and predicted 50 billion more objects will be connected to the internet by 2020.

Fitbit launched its own smartwatch on Tuesday, taking its chances against the Apple Watch, while Samsung launched itself into the spotlight with its new smart-fridge, which includes a touchscreen you can use to shop.

Also making their debuts at CES will be fun new technologies of the smart showerhead, which warns against excessive water usage; app-connected sports shoes that help regulate foot temperature and have self-tying laces; OMbra, the first smart-bra that helps monitor female users’ physical activity and vital signs; and Hairmax, a laser treatment claiming to re-strengthen weak hair.

WowWee Robotics also unveiled its CHiP Robotic Dog that does everything a real-life dog does but better (without shitting on your carpet), there was a Fitbit for your waist, otherwise known as a smart belt, and even smart fan lights that turn on and off while you’re away to look like someone’s home, because just having a security system in your home isn’t enough anymore.


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