In Your Face, Honey! Grant Denyer Admits To Having Made A Sex Tape

In Your Face, Honey! Grant Denyer Admits To Having Made A Sex Tape

In a 2Day FM breakfast segment, prolific television presenter Grant Denyer has made the admission that he filmed a sex tape when he was 18, and fears that it could be leaked someday.

The revelation, as part of 2Day FM’s Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash, Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash, was sparked by a discussion about a leaked sex tape involving two Penrith Panther players last Friday, a matter that is currently being investigated by the NRL.

Co-hosts Ash London and Ed Kavalee stated that Denyer was “pretty vanilla”, prompting them to ask whether he had ever made “an intimate tape”.

His response: “There is one out there. I don’t know where it is, I don’t know who’s got it”.

He explained that he had filmed it in 1994, saying: “I had just turned 18, and I had an older girlfriend, and I didn’t have a camera.

“I borrowed a Sony Handycam from the media department at high school”.

Denyer claims that he used the excuse: “Yeah, I’ve just gotta make a short film for my project for end of year high school certificate”.

He said that, initially, he was pleased with the result, saying: “It felt naughty, it felt a bit spicy and we were comfortable with each other”.

However, the story took a turn when Denyer revealed that he may have forgotten to delete the explicit video.

“I’m not even sure that I sent the camera back, and erased the footage,” Denyer confessed.

“What scares me about that being out there is that somewhere someone’s got it or seen it, and I’m worried.

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