CouriersPlease Study Finds That Aussies Don’t Want Small Businesses To Shut During Lockdowns

CouriersPlease Study Finds That Aussies Don’t Want Small Businesses To Shut During Lockdowns

A survey conducted by CouriersPlease (CP) has found that four in five Australians want small retailers exempt from closing shop during future lockdowns.

Leading parcel delivery service CP commissioned a survey of an independent panel of just over a thousand Australians to gauge consumer sentiment on Government-mandated business closures.

CP found that three in four Australians (77 per cent) think it was unfair that big retailers deemed essential services could continue trading during last years’ pandemic-induced lockdowns while small retailers had to close.

CP also asked respondents if they would want both small and big retailers to remain open, should another lockdown occur again, 88 per cent agreed that all retailers should follow the same rules.

The recent seven-day lockdown in Melbourne saw many local businesses hit hard, with some business leaders forecasting it would cost them more than $1 billion.

Paul Roper, chief commercial officer at CP, says: “We know consumer confidence takes a hit each time a State goes into lockdown, which has a long-lasting impact on businesses. We’ve also seen many retailers over the past 12 months go under as a result of these restrictions, and consumers want to avoid this continuing.

“Despite SMEs receiving some Government support, I encourage shoppers to support and spend with the small players, now more than ever. Small purchases can have a huge positive impact on a small retailer, particularly if there are multiple shoppers getting behind them.

“Support for businesses can also go beyond spending, with the power of social media and online reviews, a social post or a positive review about the business can be very impactful. It’s important that as our economy recovers, we show our support for the micro and small players those most affected, and help them get through this challenging period.”

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