Why A .CO Domain Has Captured The Attention Of Start-Ups Around The Globe

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If you’re an entrepreneur or run your own start-up, you know it takes a lot of sweat and grunt work to get your vision off the ground.

There are countless parts that go into creating a start-up, yet perhaps one of the most important facets is your website. Your website is the first place people head to when they want to learn more about you and what you do, so it’s vital you get it right.

While the user experience and design of your website is important, another equally important component many entrepreneurs forget when creating their website is one simple thing that can be a total game-changer. That one thing? The domain extension. Most start-ups will immediately opt for a .com or .com.au domain extension, but in actual fact, the ideal extension for budding entrepreneurs is .CO. Why? There are a few reasons.


Entrepreneurs push boundaries. They are innovative, unique and creative. Therefore, your start-up should have a unique domain name to boot. A .CO domain is a point of difference and helps you stand out from the crowd. It’s a signal that your business is modern, innovative and not afraid to work outside the lines.

A global audience reach

A .CO domain allows your start-up to be globally relevant. Think about it. You might be starting your business in Australia, but what if you want to expand into a global market? Not tying yourself to a specific geo-location means you can easily accommodate international visitors, which is a win-win for you and future customers/clients.


Even if you’re planning on keeping your start-up local, .CO is still the optimal choice because its short, sweet and easily memorable. There are countless .com domain names out there, but with a .CO, you’re positioning yourself as a unique website, one that users will easily recall.

 A .CO Case Study – Creative Cubes

Tobi Skovron is the CEO and co-founder of Creative Cubes, a collaborative workspace branch in Melbourne. A driven entrepreneur, Tobi identified the new trend towards co-working spaces during his nine years in the U.S. in Los Angeles.

And, while there are plenty of collaborative workspaces out there, Tobi attributes his is success to a .CO domain. He says CreativeCubes.co stands out from competitors. He believes .com is “too American of a connotation”, so visitors might be confused and think that they’re dealing with an American company. Adding on “.au” to a “.com” domain would be too many words and too clunky. “Less is best,” he says. The entrepreneur loves the synergy of “CreativeCubes.co” because of the alliteration and the shared prefix of “co” in “coworking.”

Tobi chose .CO in order “to be different”. He said: “I did it to be sort of a boundary pusher.” He believes URL are a great way to show a point of difference, and “.co” allows Creative Cubes to be new, different and to have a legacy all on its own. He said: “.CO just felt like it was smart and tied neatly together. It represents who we are. If we didn’t (use the domain), we were kind of doing a disservice to the brand.”

Check out the video below to see how other entrepreneurs and start-ups across the globe are using a .CO domain to their advantage!

Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. It’s a week to honour all the innovators, entrepreneurs and hustlers out there making their dreams happen every day. It’s one of the largest events worldwide, involving over 35,000 events with some ten million enthusiasts participating in creative exchanges in 170 plus countries.

So, in honour of Global Entrepreneurship Week, do yourself a favour are grab your own .CO domain name. If you’re an entrepreneur or start-up looking to make waves, it’s a must-have for your future success.

Get started on your journey with your own .CO domain and find your fit HERE.



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