Cinema Creates Happy Thoughts About Brands, Says Val Morgan Research

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Val Morgan has released the third phase of its Power of Cinema Research series which proves cinema plays a more powerful role than ever in an advertisers’ AV screen strategy.

The results complete an extensive, first of its kind study, into cinemas role in screen strategy alongside complimentary media channels.

The latest findings on positive brand sentiment show cinema significantly improves campaign effectiveness metrics when used in combination with TV and online video. Adding cinema to the mix delivers an uplift of 42% in positive brand sentiment measures, great news for advertisers wanting to improve brand health and drive brand perception.

The Power of Cinema Research study quantifies the impact of key advertising and brand measures when cinema is used in combination with other media. Previous results released in the series prove that cinema lifts more brand consideration by 40%, increases top of mind awareness by 156% and increases main message cut through by 66%.

Val Morgan managing director, Daniel Hill commented, “These new insights validate the power of including cinema as a core component in any AV strategy, proving that cinema lifts ad awareness, improves message cut through, improves brand perceptions and increases brand consideration. This challenges advertisers to consider how ads are actually viewed by audiences and demonstrates the value of cinemas’ unique and immersive experience on a range of campaign metrics for marketers.”

The results were compiled from a research program conducted by Brandscience, involving over 1,200 interviews conducted across metro Australia. Natural media exposure was measured across leading retail and technology campaigns using the same advertising creative across TV, online video and cinema.

BrandScience head of data and analytics, Kate Gunby commented, “Whilst there is typically a big focus on reach, there are still limited learnings on how different channels contribute to the overall impact of media. The results showed how strongly cinema performs and should certainly make clients and planners take a look at where cinema fits in the mix.”

2015 continues to break cinema records, with 18% box office growth year to date and an exceptional slate of blockbusters ahead, including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fast & Furious 7, Minions, Entourage, Jurassic World and Terminator Genesis over the next few months.


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