It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet Telstra’s Genelle Sharples

It’s B&T’s Celebration Of Adland’s Over 50s! Meet Telstra’s Genelle Sharples

It’s rare that B&T has too many brilliant ideas, but we certainly hit on one with a feature in our last print edition that profiled Aussie adlanders who’ve cracked the half-tonne.

Such was the overwhelming response to our “15 Over 50” profiles we did it all again in the latest issue that should’ve hit agency desks last week.

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Heading this month’s stellar cast of legendary adlanders who’ve celebrated their 50th birthdays is none other other than Telstra’s Genelle Sharples.

Sharples is currently principal of media, sponsorships and awards at Telstra. She has held a multitude of important roles in the media industry spanning more than 25 years. After ticking off her personal career goals, Sharples switched her focus to training media people in their craft. Sharples has done this in both corporate leadership positions and as a consultant in 30 markets across the globe.

Here’s his experience in her own words:

The biggest and most inspiring change I’ve seen throughout my time in this industry is the increase in female leaders. For many years I was the only girl in the boardroom which meant I had to fight hard to be heard at times. It’s important that our next generation has many different leadership styles to aspire to and emulate.

When thinking about why people who are 50+ leave this industry, I don’t think it’s by choice. The industry has had a reputation as “under 40 only”, but I think that’s changed during the past decade as more of us have stayed and thrived. I love our industry – I’ve worked in 30 countries, had three distinct roles and lived in Hong Kong, Dubai and the United Kingdom over 17 years of my career – where else can you do that? There are so few industries that can offer the variety of challenges, the complexity, the energy and pace of a career in advertising. You’ve just got to keep learning and be willing to both lead and be led.

What occupation would you have if you didn’t work in media/marketing/advertising?

Easy! I’d be a midnight to dawn DJ. I’m a night owl and as many know, I love a chat. This is still an ambition – maybe a podcast?

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    I’m a big advocate for gender neutral communication and getting people’s pronouns right. I have a feeling swapping from one to the other here isn’t the desired impact. When in doubt, say ‘they/them’. Just saying.

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