Check Out Apple’s First Programmatic Ads For Its Apple Watch

Check Out Apple’s First Programmatic Ads For Its Apple Watch

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It's hyper hyper hyper ad targeting.


Mobile ad network Tapsense has announced the first programmatic ad platform for Apple’s as-yet-unreleased Apple Watch, showcasing a full-screen Starbucks ad on the wrist-worn wearable.

Cue the bandwagon … or cue the future?

The new platform brings a brand-new ad format, hyper-local targeting, and — of course — Apple Pay together for a very personal, very local, and very immediate advertising/marketing/sales gestalt that will potentially see you getting in-store or near-store notifications, providing the ability for you to interact with the ads and learn more, and actually consummate a purchase, all via that chunk of plastic and metal on your wrist.

Plus the big dongle that your smartphone has now become, of course.

“Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) are the next frontiers in the mobile revolution,” TapSense CEO Ash Kumar said on the company’s blog. “We are excited to announce industry’s first programmatic ad platform for Apple Watch developers and brands.”

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