And The Adland Jobs LEAST Likely To Be Replaced By Robots Are…?

And The Adland Jobs LEAST Likely To Be Replaced By Robots Are…?

If you work in the media buying space then you’re probably only too aware that some big clunking machine with a huge algorithm at its heart – commonly known as programmatic – is coming to take your job anytime soon.

There’s been a lot of talk of the rise of robots and the decimation of local Aussie jobs, and not just in the marketing and adland space.

Some futurists have predicted that five million Australian jobs could be lost to automation in the next two decades, while 40 per cent of jobs that exist now are predicted not to exist in 10 or 15 years’ time.

That said, a report by recruitment firm Randstad found we’re woefully unprepared if that is the case. The report found that 84 per cent of Aussies surveyed weren’t concerned about a computer affecting their future job prospects, while 77 per cent believed that they wouldn’t need to change careers in the next 10 years.

Mundane and tedious jobs are the ones easily replaced by a lump of talking metal and so that’s bad news for people employed in retail, storage, manufacturing, accommodation and food services.

In another report, PwC claimed that automated bots in the future could take 38 per cent of jobs in the US, 30 per cent in Britain, 35 per cent in Germany and some 21 per cent in Japan.

But a new study by Callam Pickering, an economist at recruitment site, has revealed the jobs that could well be robot-proof. And it’s apparently good news if you have a tech or data background or are highly creative.

Pickering has detailed his nine jobs (see list below) that he believes won’t be affected by the rise of the bots. And it’s good news for data scientists, HRs and creative minds in marketing and design.

“Creative professions which focus on the complex interplay of ideas, words and images with shared cultural and social values are also likely to survive the rise of the machines,”Pickering told Business Insider.

“For instance, digital marketing has recently experienced growth and will most likely continue to do so—especially in high-potential markets where it is still underdeveloped.”

According to Pickering, the nine jobs least likely to end up on the automation scrapheap are:

1. Cyber security expert

2. Data scientist

3. Healthcare professionals

4. Marketers and designers

5. Delivery and logistic management

6. Human resources

7. Gig workers (temporary positions using independent workers for short-term engagements – think Uber drivers or Airtasker.)

8. Teachers

9. Chefs


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