20 Questions With The Trade Desk’s Sandra Wee

20 Questions With The Trade Desk’s Sandra Wee

In today’s edition of B&T’s 20 Questions With… we’re talking with The Trade Desk’s Sandra Wee.

Director of client operations, APAC, Sandra Wee is a hard-core technologist. Today we ask her the hard questions, like her biggest stress reliever, her most embarrassing media addiction and her favourite industry hero. Sandra was awarded this year’s technology award.


1. Best thing about winning a B&T Women In Media Award? 

It has given me belief & confidence in my abilities

2. Where’s your trophy? 

Sitting in my suitcase as I’m in the middle of moving.

3. How many trophies do you now have in your trophy cabinet? 

This is the first one with my name on it.

4. One thing you’d do to change your industry for the better? 

Flexible working hours for anyone who needs it

5. What makes you mad? 

People who don’t listen and jump to conclusions.

6. What makes you happy? 

The moment my son runs to me for a hug when I pick him up from childcare at the end of the day.

7. How would colleagues describe you? 

Someone who likes to get shit done.

8. How would you describe your colleagues? 

We are a family – we support each other when times are tough and celebrate our wins and successes together.

9. Favourite industry hero? 

I would have to say my old manager – Ellie Rogers. She isn’t afraid to try new things and has always pushed me when I was too afraid.

10. Your one career regret? 

Not putting my hand up enough and not putting myself out there.

11. Your biggest career tip? 

To not be afraid and say yes more.

12. Best stress reliever? 

Exercise. It helps me clear my head and I always feel better after a good work out.

13. Dream holiday destination? 

Anywhere with sun, beach and champagne.

14. The one book you’d recommend? 

The subtle art of not giving a F#$% by Mark Manson

15. If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing? 

Probably something to do with fashion. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love shoes and clothes.

16. Where will you be in 10 years’ time? 

Hopefully somewhere still having heaps of fun and sipping on champagne.

17. The one technology you just don’t understand? 

Snapchat- I just don’t get why you would share something to have it disappear later but I think it’s very possibly a reflection of my (old)age!

18. Your most embarrassing media addiction?

I am a massive K- Pop and K-drama fan and watch it most nights.

19. Go-to karaoke song?  

I’m definitely not a karaoke singer but on the very rare occasion I have to say its “How do I live” by Aerosmith

20. Do you replace the milk in the staff fridge? 



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