Wrappr Announces New Campaign Measurement Technology LIFT

Wrappr Announces New Campaign Measurement Technology LIFT

OOH disruptor Wrappr has today announced the launch of ‘LIFT’, a first of its kind campaign measurement and attribution technology for the fast-growing, out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry.

Powered by an exclusive, opt-in mobile location database and a partnership with global data and analytics company, Nielsen, LIFT allows brands to tangibly measure the impact of Wrappr’s outdoor advertising campaigns.

Established in 2017 by brothers Liam (pictured, left) and Jonte Shaw (pictured, right), Wrappr is an outdoor advertising platform aligning brands with a database of screened and surveyed brand advocates that promote them in target geographic markets via branded, wrapped vehicles.

Pioneered by the Wrappr team, this category of OOH advertising coined ‘Advocate OOH’ enables brands to harness the power of congruence, where ‘the medium is the message’, by wrapping specific vehicles that amplify their message to achieve cut through at a glance. Wrappr boasts partners such as Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, eBay and Jimmy Brings.

With LIFT, offline and online brands are able to further track how key metrics (such as foot traffic, awareness, consideration and purchase intent) compare for exposed audiences and unexposed control audiences, allowing them to assess the value of their campaigns and truly justify adspend in an increasingly competitive market. LIFT’s dataset is collected independently from Wrappr, and remains deidentified, ensuring independence and privacy are at the core of this new technology.

Liam Shaw, co-founder and co-CEO of Wrappr, said: “The state of advertising in 2022 (confirmed repeatedly by industry research) shows that it’s incredibly hard for brands to be noticed or remembered in market, let alone achieve cut-through with target customer segments.”

“Advocate OOH offers marketers a rare opportunity to cut through the noise by being unique and allowing the medium to communicate their message. Today, this sort of powerful advertising format can’t be underestimated as people are increasingly on the move in outdoor settings.”

According to Nielsen’s latest Annual Marketing Report, less than 20 per cent of marketing professionals surveyed felt confident in their ability to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their core marketing tactics.

Mr Shaw continued: “Advocate OOH is a rapidly growing category and now with LIFT, brands will be guided by the scientific measurement of their initiatives, as Wrappr becomes the first outdoor media owner to provide full-funnel attribution around out-of-home advertising campaigns.

“This means brands can realise the true impact of their campaigns, from awareness to purchase, an invaluable asset as marketers need to increasingly justify their adspend. As proven ROI often dictates future campaigns, the ability to measure the success of the channels they choose in order to upweight the good, and down-weight (or eliminate) the bad, is particularly vital.”

Shruthi Babu, director media analytics and consumer research at Nielsen, commented: “The collection and analysis of quality data has always been a fundamental role of any marketing campaign, but interestingly our own research reveals that 54 per cent of marketers don’t feel confident in their ability to measure the ROI across the full funnel. This is cause for concern if we consider the importance of campaign measurement on brands’ ability to successfully engage with their customers.”

“While the pandemic was a major setback for brands’ adspend, OOH advertising has entered a strong recovery stage, meaning brands are now in a prime position to start or continue thinking about investment and growth strategies in this key advertising category. Brands need to be smart in this post-lockdown transition and consider what is working, what is not working, and what promising advertising channels have been overlooked – using data as their guide.”

“We are excited to launch LIFT in partnership with Wrappr as they pioneer the Advocate OOH category. This new measurement capability will demonstrate the power of the format for brands’ ongoing future growth and success.”

Jesikah Boatfield, head of marketing at Jimmy Brings, said: “As a long-standing partner of Wrappr’s, we have witnessed first-hand the value of the Advocate OOH category for the Jimmy Brings brand. Our vans have become nothing short of iconic, and Wrappr’s unique marketing channel has been critical in this. Now with LIFT we’re excited to quantify the value of our vans and continue our momentum into 2022.”

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