Women To Watch: Wavemaker’s Philippa Noilea-Tani

Women To Watch: Wavemaker’s Philippa Noilea-Tani

Women are vital to any industry, especially the world of advertising and media. And, B&T doesn’t think it’s fair that some of these women fail to be recognised for their incredible work and efforts, simply because of their gender.

So, to celebrate the launch of our annual Women in Media Awards presented by Bauer Media, we’ve asked a few industry power women to talk to us about why the Women in Media Awards are important, their best piece of advice, the most influential women in their lives and more.

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Now, let’s hear from Wavemaker’s national head of investment, Philippa Noilea-Tani.Philippa Noilea-Tani NEW

The Women in Media Awards are important because inspiration is very powerful. For the women nominated: it’s about inspiring others and being recognised for your contribution. It’s both extremely rewarding and gives a great sense of purpose and motivation. For others in the industry: its comfort in knowing you have so many people in the industry to draw inspiration from, to resonate with and to learn from, with unique skill sets, experience and backgrounds.

While I believe equality stretches beyond gender, the greatest barrier in the workplace when it comes to equality is inconsistency. I believe the WIM awards help us as an industry become aware of such inconsistencies. As a Mum, who has now returned from maternity leave on three separate occasions, I have always felt supported. It disheartens me to hear of people who don’t have the same experience, but am aware of many people who have not been treated in the same way I have. I believe our industry can learn from the companies and women who do thrive in this space.

In March of this year, I was given the opportunity to attend Walk The Talk, a WPP programme designed to unlock leadership potential and champion diversity in our company. WPP interim CEO and former GroupM CEO John Steedman made a guest appearance and told of his own very personal journey in this space.

Steady was in his GroupM role when I first noticed the change he was driving across our network. I am really proud to be surrounded by such a diverse group of talent at Wavemaker and GroupM and know he played a very significant role in achieving this. Now in his role at WPP, it’s exciting to hear about his plans to ensure diversity and equality at an even broader level.

Personally, I believe one of the best things we can do today that could potentially make a massive change in the struggle for equality open our minds. As I write this, I have just been released from prison as part of UnLtd’s Adland BailOut, where I was given the opportunity to step into the shoes of troubled youth.

The experience gave me the opportunity to imagine what life would be like, if my upbringing had been different, if my family dynamic had been different, if my living arrangement had been different and my opportunities had been restricted. This is something that GroupM is looking at tackling, but what if Invitations to apply for our Grad programmes were sent beyond uni students? What if we broadened our recruitment search? What different perspectives, skills, and level of commitment would we find if we simply opened our minds?

Quick-fire questions

If you were PM, what law would you change/introduce right now to improve equality?

I’m not sure how factual this is, however I recently heard that in 70 per cent of custody cases that go to court, the mother is awarded dominant time with the children. This doesn’t sound like a very fair stat for all the single fathers out there. Equality at work is important, but so is equality at home. I’d be looking to address both.  

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Be true to yourself and kind to others

The most influential woman in your life?

Hands down, my Mum. She is my rock, my confidant, my best friend, my babysitter and my inspiration. I admire her gentle soul, I respect her advice and I am so grateful for her support and love.


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