Women.United Video Series: Fred’s Secret Bar

Photography by andre&dominqiue

Last week, B&T partnered with News Corp’s With Her In Mind Network (WHIMN) to celebrate International Women’s Day in style at Fred’s in Paddington. Women from the media landscape gathered for a delicious lunch – with a side of inspiration.

News Corp’s Nicole Sheffield announced a brand new WHIMN mentor initiative before the ABC’s Kirstin Ferguson gave a keynote speech that had all the attendees listening eagerly.

During the lunch, we pulled a few of the women aside – some with their mentors or colleagues and some by themselves – to pick their brains on inspiring female figures, their best advice and more.

Fred’s is a loud restaurant, so to film these inspirations, we had to pull them somewhere quiet. There were a few filmed in the bathroom, a few against a blank wall and a few in Fred’s underground bar – which are the one’s you get to watch today!

First up (in this series of three) is Tamara Howe, the CMO at Kellogg’s Australia and New Zealand, and her mentor Ana Lynch, client services director at JWT Sydney, getting candid about their powerful partnership.

Below, you’ll find Emma Barlas, the marketing manager at American Express, and her mentor Andrea Darling, an independent marketing consultant, give their best business advice for women – and get all cute and cuddly at the end.

And finally, Michelle Gallagher from Commonwealth Bank and Peitra Withaar from BMF discuss author Renee Brown and the second president of Ireland!




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