SHOCK! Woman’s Day Reveals Delta’s “Diva Demands”!

SHOCK! Woman’s Day Reveals Delta’s “Diva Demands”!

Her judging theatrics have enraged viewers and now an article in Woman’s Day has slammed the supposed “diva” antics of The Voice’s Delta Goodrem.

Woman’s Day, who’s presently fighting a defamation case against the actress Rebel Wilson, has once again relied on an “unnamed insider” to dish the dirt on Goodrem’s onset shenanigans.

The source has revealed “diva demands” around Goodrem’s diet with revelations the 32-year-old is spoon-fed by an assistant during the ad breaks.

“She has banned red meat and is always asking for hard-to-get specialty foods,” the source told the magazine. “She demanded food, so one of her ‘people’ ran off to get her a salad and spoon fed it to her.”

The article also claims Goodrem is furious that Nine has not promoted her new new fragrance Delta by Delta Goodrem during the breaks while she allegedly walks off set once her contracted time is up.

B&T contacted Nine regarding the allegations, however the network declined to make any comment.

Goodrem’s had a tough time of her 2017 judging appearance including social media attacks for her on-air dancing and general carry-on, while rumours have circulated she was in a relationship with fellow judge Seal and even one of the show’s contestants.

The alleged relationship has never been confirmed, however, another judge on The Voice, Boy George, recently told the Kyle & Jackie O show there was definitely some chemistry between the pair.

“I might be being controversial but I think Seal fancies the pants off Delta, and her pants are tight,” he told the radio duo.

“I said to her (Delta), ‘Oh he fancies you’ and she said, ‘No he doesn’t, no he doesn’t,'” Boy George recalled.

“And then I said, ‘Oh babe are you blind? Stevie Wonder could see that’,” he said.

There has also been suggestions Goodrem has hooked-up with one of the show’s contestants, Tim Conlon, after viewers noticed a distinct on-air chemistry between the two.

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