What’s my body fat percentage Mr Wolf? Ask Apple

What’s my body fat percentage Mr Wolf? Ask Apple

After circulating the rumour mill for years, Apple looks set to launch a smartwatch later this year according to reports by The Wall Street Journal.

Should Apple release the “so called” iWatch, they’ll be up against competitors such as Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm who have already released smartwatches.

Samsung’s Gear 2 line, released earlier this year, added fitness-related apps and has a heart rate sensor.

The Wall Street Journal reports the iWatch will come in various sizes and have 10 sensors for tasks like health and fitness tracking.

Apple has been under the pump to release new products, as investors question whether the company is still able to innovate following the death of co-founder, Steve Jobs.

CEO Tim Cook has hinted new products are on their way, but the company is yet to specify details.

According to S&P Capital IQ’s Scott Kessler “people are going to be using [the iWatch] when they are working out so they need something rugged…we think kind of the way it’s going to play out is not exactly as people expect at this point”.

CNN’s Doug Gross lists the top five functions the iWatch should contain: Be really smart, have wireless charging capabilities, a long battery life, connectivity to other non-Apple gadgets and come at a reasonable price.

“We’d love to see Apple make the first smartwatch that lets you leave your phone behind” Gross says.

If Apple could tap into “home automation tasks like opening your garage, turning off your lights or locking your doors with a watch” then Gross believes that would impress customers.

According to the MacRumours site, Apple is tipped to release their fancy smartwatch in October this year.

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