Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad And Poo-Pourri

Weekly Ad Round-Up: The Good, The Bad And Poo-Pourri

It’s Friday and that means a round-up of the best ads of the week; this time it’s all about bad-ass female toys, tea equals consensual sex and a music video about poo.

Bad-ass female toys

Toy manufacturer GoldieBlox has launched a campaign which flips the gender Hollywood narrative, starring their action figures Goldie and Ruby as James Bond, Rocky, The Terminator and Marty McFly.

“Our girls deserve action heroes with flowing hair and combat boots,” GoldieBlox community manager Jayme Brown wrote on the company’s website. “Our girls deserve to see themselves onscreen as well as calling the shots behind the scenes. Our girls deserve more.”

Tea equals consensual sex


On Tuesday, Thames Valley police and Sexual Violence Prevention Group has launched a YouTube campaign to raise awareness of sexual consent by comparing sex with making tea.

“And if they are unconscious don’t make them tea. Unconscious people don’t want tea and they can’t answer the question ‘do you want tea?’ Because they are unconscious.”

Music video about poo

Poo-Pourri has just dropped a smelly little music video-from Uptown Funk video director Cameron Duddy- all about pooping in public.

“Our CEO and founder Suzy Batiz was actually a pioneer in converting viral views to actual sales, and we continue to push the boundaries in this space—not only delivering sales but building the brand and shaping pop culture. I expect this new video will be no exception,” Will Clarke, “vp of poo marketing”, at Poo-Pourri told AdWeek.


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