“War Of The Activewear Giants!” Nike Takes On Lululemon Over Alleged Patent Infringements

Tel Aviv, Israel - July 19, 2014: High-top classic Nike AF-1 basketball shoes/sneakers, a classic timeless design originally from the 1980's - illustrative editorial

Nike has launched a lawsuit against rival activewear giant Lululemon.

The Coast Reporter has reported that Nike Inc launched a lawsuit against Vancouver-based Lululemon over patent infringement.

Nike Inc isn’t accusing Lululemon of ripping off their leggings or sneakers designs. Don’t worry the Airforce Nikes formula is safe.  Instead, the legal drama is a bit more random but still spicy.

Nike is claiming Lululemon’s fitness mirror infringes on six patents. Basically, Nike has alleged that it has been making digital sports tech since the 80s and now Lululemon has stolen its patents for it’s smart mirror.

To break it down Nike is alleging that the mirror relies on technology that Nike has already patented.

Global News reported that Nike Inc called the alleged infringement, “objectively reckless, knowing, intentional, deliberate, and wilful.”

Nike is also claiming damages.

The Hustle has reported that Lululemon has hit back and said Nike’s patents are  “overly broad” therefore up for grabs.

Basically, this means this issue will likely play out for a while but it is interesting to see the two activewear giants launch a legal war on each other.

Hopefully, all is fair in love and lycra.

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