Koala Teams Up With Vidico In Delightfully Strange TVC

Koala Teams Up With Vidico In Delightfully Strange TVC

Direct-to-consumer mattress company Koala is running a new ad-campaign for their Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied Customers.

Koala teamed up with video production company Vidico for the third time, who then had three weeks to produce the spots for the campaign.

The ad calls out the fact that Koala was the only mattress company to win 5-stars in the highly sought after award, in a typically hilarious fashion.

Watch the TVC below:

Vidico co-founder and creative director, Michael Pirone said: “Admittedly, I was scratching my head over how we’d get a turtle, a duck, a goldfish, a dog and a giant rabbit standing next to each other on podiums, whilst behaving… Somehow, our creative producer Ash Govind managed to bring it all together.”

The campaign also features some familiar faces, with Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitson also making a surprise appearance.

Koala creative director, Michael Beveridge commented: “Koala runs our creative hyper-nimble, digital-first and with no glorified big-agency egos, so Vidico have been perfect for us since day one.”

The campaign was directed by co-founder and executive producer, Evan Pirone, who has recently led productions for Square and Reckon.

Evan Pirone said: “Over the last three campaigns with Koala, we just keep extending on this fast, funny and downright surprising universe, which none of us want to see the end of quite frankly — it’s youthful, it’s engaging, and it’s built with performance channels like YouTube and Instagram firmly in mind.”



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