UK’s The Sun & Danish Rival Hilariously Trolled One Another Ahead Of Euro Semi-Final

UK’s The Sun & Danish Rival Hilariously Trolled One Another Ahead Of Euro Semi-Final

Since the UN and NATO stopped European nations from going to war with one another back in the late 40s, the football pitch has become the preferred place for the countries of Europe to settle their differences.

As sports enthusiasts would know, the Euro tournament is currently being played, a football tournament played between 24 European nations.

All the talk has been England’s surprise success and the team now meets Italy in Sunday’s final.

But there was some clever banter prior to yesterday’s England-Denmark game (England won 2-1) from the rival newspapers from each respective country.

The UK’s famous The Sun went toe-to-toe in the funny ad stakes with its Danish rival, BT newspaper.

Wednesday’s front page of The Sun read: “Bring home the bacon, lads” with two strips of Danish bacon and sauce on white bread to form the shape of the England flag. The reference being that Denmark is a major supplier of bacon to British grocery stores.

The Sun then re-published the ad in BT but changed the caption to Danish to read: “Vi spiser jer til morgenmad”, which translates to “We eat you for breakfast”.

However, the Danes were having none of the taunts. BT placing an advertisement in The Sun that read, “It’s not coming home… We’re coming home!”

The ad’s image showed some rather angry looking Vikings, a clear reference to the 8th-century conquests against England.

Readers of both newspapers appeared to enjoy the witty banter. Although some did question how seriously both publications were taking the game. Check out some of the social media reactions below:









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