TV Star’s Glorious CV-19 Dance Is The Soothing Balm You Need In A World Gone Crazy

TV Star’s Glorious CV-19 Dance Is The Soothing Balm You Need In A World Gone Crazy

A UK television star has decided we all need to keep active during this period of self-isolation, posting a video of some DIY dance moves that are so glorious it’s become an instant viral smash.

Joe Tracini is an actor in the long-running British soap opera Holloaks. He’s also been very public about his mental health and is a vocal advocate on topics such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

Not that Joe’s going to let self-isolation get in the way of keeping fit. Wonderfully, he’s donned the leotard, gone out to his back garden and is showing everyone how to move via his easy-to-learn viral dance steps.

Check out possibly the best fun you can have in a global pandemic below:

Tracini telling Metro UK of his dancing exploits: “I’ve had a deadly virus in my brain for 31 years, so this feeling isn’t new to me. I live with a partially suicidal brain, and the only reason I’m still alive is because I always try to find laughter. Even at the moment, with everything that’s happening, I’m looking for laughter.

“Right now, laughter is playing hide and seek with us. It’s everywhere, so turn around, count to 10, open your eyes and start looking.

“I’m so happy people shared my contemporary beef toe routine around the world. My incredible girlfriend Holly choreographed it with me, and we want more people to tell us which styles they want to learn so that she can teach me, then we can teach them,” he said.





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