“Turn Your Transformation Critics Into Ambassadors”: Stockland Boss

“Turn Your Transformation Critics Into Ambassadors”: Stockland Boss

Successful digital transformation requires a clear roadmap and the belief of stakeholders, including those most resistant to change, says Ben Allen, CMO of property group Stockland.

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Allen features in the ADMA Brightest Minds video series, in which he explains how, during Stockland’s transformation, it was necessary to “demonstrate to people how a new system is going to enable their life and enable us to deliver better experiences for customers.”

The Stockland CMO said he needed to identify and include those most resistant to change in the transformation process. “Over time they became great ambassadors for the end solution. And that in itself was a really powerful change agent,” Allen said.

“When other people saw these hardnuts — if you like — were starting to really come on board to the final solution, it became a really powerful endorser for where we’re heading and the solution that we’re ultimately going to get.”

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