Triple J’s Brilliant Response To Accidentally Playing Metal Riff For Five Hours Straight

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For most of us, the end of daylight savings was unceremoniously marked by our phones going forward an hour while we slept.

But over at triple J, the change was brought in by a system glitch which saw a heavy metal riff repeating for nearly five hours in the Northern Territory.

Although daylight savings is a part of life for everyone on the east coast, the Northern Territory does not actually participate in the system.

This meant the “delay unit feeding triple j NT had became locked into a short heavy metal loop”, according to the network.

The riff on repeat belonged to Melbourne band Thornhill, from the song ‘Lily & The Moon’, which was quick to point out the glitch on Twitter.

And while some Twitter users enjoyed a laugh at triple J’s expense, network content director Ollie Wards issued this brilliant response/

“The Northern Territory doesn’t mess around with daylight savings,” Wards told junkee in a statement.

“So while some states had a nice soft sleep in on Sunday, we figured our hardcore listeners in the NT would be up for some metalcore. On repeat. All morning.”


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