Tony Abbott Says Q&A Out Of Control After Crude Tweet

Prime Minister Julia Gillard // Opposition leader Tony Abbott answers a question posed by a voter at a community forum at the Broncos League Club on August 18, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Both parties are in the final week of campaigning before Australians head to the polls on August 21 to elect their 43rd Parliament.

A rogue Twitter handle that flashed up during Q&A on Monday night has sparked the Prime Minister to say the ABC is out of control.

“I think it is a bit out of control and I think it’s important for the ABC not just to talk about tighter management structures, tighter management control on that particular program, but actually do it,” the ABC reported him saying.

The comments come after the head of the ABC Mark Scott reportedly sent Abbott a text message apologising first, following with a formal apology.

“I haven’t had a chance to respond to the text message that I had, because it’s been a very busy morning,” Abbott said regarding the text message.

“I just hope that the ABC management get on and do what they said they were going to do with that program.”

The tweet was a seemingly innocent one that appeared on the screen, however the handle @AbbottLovesAnal drew swift criticism.

Tuesday morning saw Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull demand the ABC apologise to the Prime Minister, saying it felt like “Groundhog Day”.

“In what felt like a Groundhog Day moment yet again in the early hours of Tuesday, I spoke with Mark Scott about another unedifying incident at Q&A,” a statement from Mr Turnbull’s office said, reported the ABC.

“The tweet should obviously never have been put on the screen and the fact that it was underlines the need for better supervision of the program.

“I am assured by Mr Scott the offensive tweet will not appear in the replays of the program.”

Q&A had only just came out of the hot water after allowing Zaky Mallah to appear on the show, which host Tony Jones admitted was an “error of judgement”.

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