“The Sex Later”: BBC Weather Reporter Suffers Hilarious Subtitle Bungle

“The Sex Later”: BBC Weather Reporter Suffers Hilarious Subtitle Bungle
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BBC South’s famed weather reporter, Sam Fraser, was one of the people to notice an awkward, yet hilarious, subtitle error that declared she was talking about sex live on air.

The subtitle bungle made the rounds earlier in the week, after keen-eyed observers of the weather report noticed that it claimed Fraser had been talking about “seven becoming northwesterly for the sex later”.

Sure to have been a bit of a shocker for fans, Fraser saw the funny side of the image, sharing it to her Twitter with the statement: “I’m almost positive that’s not what I said…”.

The post, which at time of writing has been liked more than 10,600 times, attracted a few corker responses.

“The BBC subtitles are the best, obviously not if your trying to understand what is being said but for the entertainment value alone I am very happy to pay my licence fee,” one user said.

“The sub-titling on BBC South Today is always something to be marvelled at. But this wins top prize. How to make the weather forecast more exciting on a Friday night. Brings new meaning to the phrase—One for the weekend, sir?” another quipped.

Another asked (and we’re not sure how serious the question is): “Isn’t that an old wives’ tale for contraception ‘You can’t get pregnant if you have sex in a north westerly wind’?”

The post sparked a follow-up noting the slew of tabloid reports on the subtitle error—with headlines in The Sun, Metro, and Daily Star—in which Fraser said, joking: “Just one of the many ways I make my family proud”.

Our pick of the lot in the coverage of the BBC Weather error had to be The Sun’s headline: “HEATING UP: BBC weather woman Sam Fraser blushes as subtitles claim she said ‘sex’ during forecast”.

Fraser also shared the original weather report—minus the hilarious subtitles—for clarity.

Featured image source: Twitter/@samwessexgirl

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