The NFT Doctors That Can’t Actually Make A Diagnosis

The NFT Doctors That Can’t Actually Make A Diagnosis

The MetaDocs NFT team was created to introduce the medical world into the digital one. However, they’re not legally permitted to give any of their visitors a prescription or medical advice.

The NFTs were created by a group of real-life doctors who came to notoriety via other social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to find a way past all the legal barriers of the medical system. With a massive following of over 70 million people, the NFTs were created in December and include famous Tik-Tok celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Brown.

They each have “ask me anything” sessions via instant messaging or private video chats with people who purchase their NFTs, while the idea behind MetaDocs is to eventually create a virtual clinic within the Metaverse in which people will be able to get an examination.

However, MetaDocs have recently come under scrutiny by the medical community since they’re not a licensed clinic and legally aren’t in a position to provide people with a medical diagnosis or provide prescriptions to their clients.

Furthermore, in the US doctors always need to have a licence in order to provide medical advice, even for services such as tele-health.

“At this point, we’re hesitant to refer to anybody as a patient,” said Dr. Dustin Portela, a physician for MetaDocs stated.

The pre-sale price of the MetaDocs NFT will be at around 0.2 ETH (or $800) although that has yet to be officially determined. However the project has already run into more than its fair share of road-bumps as some of the participating doctors have already departed, with some saying they never agreed to be part of it in the first place and other pointing out that they’re feeling uncomfortable with the way things are headed.

MetaDocs also had within its ranks three “doctors” who in their LinkedIn profiles say they are medical practitioners.

It seems one of the most important criteria the MetaDocs places on selecting the potential members of their team are the amount of followers they have on social media.


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