Ten ‘Delighted’ with Offspring But Will It Get The Chop?

Ten ‘Delighted’ with Offspring But Will It Get The Chop?

Is Offspring getting the chop? That’s the question running through the minds of the 992,000 fans who tuned into the season finale of the much-loved Ten drama last night.

Unfortunately, the uncertainty is set to torment devoted Proudman watchers for a while longer with Ten not yet giving fans a clear yes or no answer.

In a statement Beverley McGarvey, chief programming Officer for Network Ten, told B&T that the network is “delighted” with Offspring’s performance this year.

“We are delighted with how Offspring performed this year, including its 10% audience growth on 2013, and we want it to return in 2015,” McGarvey said.

“We are in discussions with the producers and they are, in turn, in discussions with the key creatives and cast.”

This sounds positive but the pretty conclusive bow that was wrapped around each and every storyline in last night’s episode felt ominous.

The final moments left many feeling like they were saying goodbye the Proudmans for the last time.





These passionate fans saw Offspring win its timeslot last night with 992,000 preliminary metro viewers, according to OzTam. It beat Seven’s Criminal Minds, Nine’s The Big Bang Theory and the ABC’s Head First.

It was the sixth most watched program of the night and helped Ten to a total 22% of all free-to-air television viewers.

The love for Offspring is clear but it may not be enough to break through the cloud hanging over a potential sixth season.

Throwing doubt over the future of Offspring is the fact that any further seasons could cost as much as 30% more to produce, according to News.com.au. The price hike is a result of Government tax rebates which stop after 65 episodes.

It definitely felt like  the conclusion of Nina’s story – and that of her dysfunctional family and co-workers – but there were some loose ends that could be exploited in future seasons.

Nina and Leo have committed to trying it out, but future seasons could exploit their combined awkwardness.

Seeing control-freak Zara study to become a doctor would be entertaining as would watching ageing Phillip come to terms with becoming a father again so late in life.

Is Billie pregnant with Lawrence? This the question buzzing among Offspring fans with many converted to #TeamLawrence and hoping her and Mick’s rocky marriage will once again turn off.

Dr Martin Clegg’s crazy commune style living arrangement between his lover Cherrie, her son and baby-daddy Darcy, his daughter Stella and her mother Kim and her new girlfriend would be an endless source of entertainment.

There is plenty of fodder to keep fans hooked for future seasons. We just have to hope opinions such as the one expressed by Mia Freedman on Twitter fall on deaf ears.





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