TEG Solves Key Marketing Challenges With Doppler

TEG Solves Key Marketing Challenges With Doppler

TEG Insights has announced a breakthrough in market research that brings together TEG’s data set of more than 16 million Australians with its consumer panel of more than one million to create a research platform that scales and activates research results across all digital channels.

 Launching the insights to activation offering, called Doppler, TEG Insights laid down a challenge to the $1 billion Australian market research industry to up its performance for brands, saying that research often suffers from poor sample quality, dubious recruitment methods and slow-paced integration with data analytics.

In contrast, Doppler utilises research and first-party data to identify audiences using spend, lifestyle, geographic and demographic characteristics to accurately replicate research cohorts in a digital form.

Using this method, advertisers can target audiences based on motivation, intent, attitude and awareness, along with the usual attributes like age, gender, location and behaviour. When combined with TEG’s data set of 16m, these attributes create audience scale appropriate for many advertisers to digitally target across content, social platforms and connected TV.

Andrew Reid, GM of TEG Insights and TEG Analytics, said Doppler solves several marketing challenges using rich data, predictive analysis and unique customer insights, making it un-matched as a research to activation solution in Australia.

“Marketers and brand managers face major challenges in how they accurately identify the characteristics of their consumer market, how they best reach a scalable target audience, and what data they are able to trust to help with these decisions,” said Reid.

“Doppler addresses these challenges with an offering that augments research-derived segments with TEG’s unique single-source, first party data*. The advantage to this is that it ensures the accuracy and predictive capabilities of the original segments. In turn, these ‘hygiene’ factors ensure the segment is optimised towards the appropriate market.”

In contrast, Reid said that all-too-often the quality of data in the research industry was poor. “The Australian market research industry has a turnover of more than AUD$1 billion, yet poor sample quality, dubious recruitment methods and slow-paced integration with data analytics means outcomes and results are being challenged,” he said.

Geoff Jones, CEO of TEG, said: “TEG is uniquely placed in Australia to offer advertisers opportunities to grow their brands and benefit from the explosive growth of live entertainment through the multiple routes TEG offers.

“One of those routes is through TEG Insights, which understands the passions and motivations of adult consumers in the Australian market. Doppler provides marketers the opportunity to flex our unbeatable database to maximise their return on investment.”

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