Taylors Wine Heat Up The Competition With Temperature Challenge Campaign

Non-Exclusive.  Event.  South Australian family winery Taylors Wines has today announced their new Optimum tasting temperature gauge today. 12 November 2015. In  Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Accredit Dominic Loneragan

It’s coming up to Christmas, and that means only one thing for Taylors Wine – it’s time to crank up their competitive edge. B&T’s Marketing Team of the Year have created a summer campaign to get Aussies consuming their wine at the ideal temperature, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect.

Clare Valley family winery Taylors Wines have crafted the ‘Taylors Temperature Challenge’, created by Taylors creative and strategy agency Mr Wolf, to educate consumers about chilling their reds and warming their whites to discover the benefits that perfect serving temperature makes.

“We’ve found that a majority of consumers aren’t aware of the impact that temperature has on wine, but many experts agree, it is the single most important factor to ensure it is being served at its very best,” chief marketing officer Cameron Crowley said.

“We hope to increase wine consumers enjoyment of wine through this campaign by giving them the tools to experience it at the perfect temperature, every time.”

To understand the significance of the problem, Taylors commissioned an IPSOS survey and found that 82 per cent of Australians are drinking their red wine at or above room temperature. Taylors then called on 27 of the leading food, drink and wine experts to understand the problem from an industry perspective.

The survey found that while care and attention is taken to serve wine at the right temperature in bars and restaurants, this often isn’t considered when drinking wine at home, especially during warmer months.

Over 90 per cent of the experts agreed that serving wine at the right temperature would not only improve the taste and aroma of wine, but lead to a greater appreciation of individual varietals. Taylors is making things easy with their innovative on-pack back labels featured on its Estate and Promised Land wines.

These touch-activated sensors change colour depending on the temperature of the wine, and by referencing the temperature guide next to the sensor, wine drinkers can know exactly when their wine is at the right serving temperature.

To experience the difference, consumers are invited to try the Taylors Temperature Challenge at home. They don’t need any gadgets or gizmos, just their favourite bottle of wine, a fridge and 30 minutes of their time: How to take the Taylors Temperature Challenge:

For red wine:

  • Pour a glass of red at room temperature and put the bottle in the fridge to chill
  • Taste the wine you’ve poured, note its different aromas and flavours
  • After 30 minutes, take the same bottle of red out of the fridge
  • Pour another glass of the chilled red and try the wine – compare the difference as the subtle flavours appear more balanced and pronounced

For white wine:

  • Take an already chilled bottle of white wine from the fridge and pour a glass, leaving the bottle out of the fridge to warm up a few degrees
  • Taste the wine you’ve poured and note its aromas and flavours
  • After 15 minutes, check the wine has warmed slightly
  • Pour another glass and try the wine – notice the difference as the fruit flavours are more prominent, balancing with the wine’s natural acidity

If consumers don’t have a bottle of Taylors Estate or Promised Land wine featuring the innovative optimum drinking temperature sensors, they are invited to register their interest through www.winetemperature.com.au to receive a free set of temperature sensitive stickers to use on any bottle of wine.

“We still haven’t met anyone who doesn’t immediately go ‘that’s a great idea’ when you explain why we added the sensors to Taylors bottles. And everyone who’s tested it says it really makes a difference,” managing partner of Mr Wolf, Tony Singleton said.

“Therefore, getting people to try it out for themselves is the trick, so we decided to compare correct serving temperatures with elements that people already believe make a difference to wine – like letting it breathe or age – before challenging them to take the test for themselves.”

The campaign is heavily integrated across a mixture of channels, with a focus on contextually responsive large format digital outdoor displays in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the Executive Channel Network (across national CBD office buildings).

Bourke Street Mall - Taylors OOH

The messages will be timed to key wine buying occasions, namely during after-work drive time and later in the week when alcohol purchases are top of mind, with statements such as ‘Warm weekend? Try a cool red’ or ‘To improve a red, cellar for years or chill for 30 mins.’

Taylors will also amplify their message through radio with key partners Nova Entertainment and Macquarie Radio Network in the lead up to the entertaining season. The radio campaign will be integrated through digital with online giveaways and on-air tastings. There will be massive digital presence for the campaign through digital display, video pre-roll, social media and content seeding and amplification.

Taylors will also engage digital influencers through the #tempchallenge hashtag, inspiring consumers to take the challenge for themselves. Eye-catching retail displays have been designed to bring the campaign to life in the in-store environment.

Taylors first brought the temperature story to consumers in 2015 with a campaign that saw the small family winery be recognised for marketing team of the year by B&T Magazine and the Australian Marketing Institute, along with a trophy from the Effies in the beverage category.

The campaign will continue throughout the summer drinking and entertaining season.

Campaign credits:
Client: Taylors Wines
Strategy and Creative: Mr. Wolf
Public Relations agency: Liquid Ideas
Packaging design: Denomination
Label printing: Collotype
Media: Custom Media
Digital and website: GHO

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