Oh No, Taylor Swift In Strife After “Ripping Off” Cannes-Winning Kenzo Ad

Oh No, Taylor Swift In Strife After “Ripping Off” Cannes-Winning Kenzo Ad

Pop mega star Taylor Swift has been accused of “ripping off” a 2016 ad for French fragrance and fashion brand Kenzo after dance moves in the video clip for her latest single Delicate looked remarkably similar to those from the ad.

The 2016 Kenzo TVC was directed by acclaimed film maker Spike Jonze and won a Cannes Lion in the same year. The ad stars ballerina and actress Margaret Qualley in a flowing green ballgown making her escape from a stuffy event to perform a slightly deranged dance performance.

Check out the Kenzo ad below:

Meanwhile, Swift’s music clip follows a similar vein as she escapes the paparazzi to do a similar dance in a similar looking dress. Check out the comparison below:

Not that the French fragrance/fashion brand is taking the similarities too seriously. A spokesperson for the company reportedly posting this cheeky tweet in response: “Listen Tay, I feel you. It’s hard to stay fresh. Call us, we can help.”

However, others were less sympathetic, calling out Tay-Tay’s moves as a “poor man’s version” of Spike Jonze’s work. Check out some of the social media bile below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.00.02 am

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 9.57.31 am



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