Taste Creative Launches ‘I Didn’t Like Hubert’ To Raise $30k For Life-Saving Incubator

Taste Creative Launches ‘I Didn’t Like Hubert’ To Raise $30k For Life-Saving Incubator

Taste Creative has launched the interactive eBook ‘I Didn’t Like Hubert’, narrated by actor Angela Kinsey – famous for her role in the US TV series The Office.

The eBook is part of an initiative to raise $30k in 30 days by donating 100 per cent of the revenue to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to purchase a life-saving incubator for sick and premature babies.

The book tells the story of ‘Hubert,’ a boy who lives outside the status quo of a grey-scale world, who teaches an unfriendly little girl to dream and find her own unique identity in a world of colour, imagination and magic.

The voice of Hubert is performed by Australian actor Gerard O’Dwyer, a multi-award winning actor with Down syndrome. O’Dwyer kick-started his acting career in 2009 when he was awarded Best Male Actor at Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival for his role in Be My Brother.

Taste Creative author and co-founder Genevieve Clay-Smith said: “The message woven into the story is that making friends with people who might be different to yourself in background, age, ability, culture and experience only serves to enrich and enlarge your world.”

This creative collaboration will donate 100 per cent of the App’s revenue to The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, an Australian children’s charity who purchase essential medical equipment for sick and injured children in hospitals across the nation.

Taste Creative director and co-founder Henry Smith said: “After three and a half years in production, we are thrilled to be launching I Didn’t Like Hubert to the world.

“It is a project of love for our studio team, who each have poured so much of themselves into the story and production of this beautiful interactive story.”

The interactive eBook is designed to allow the reader to control the timing of the story, with animated characters, layered soundscapes and fun interactions to explore the story.

Smith added: “We really wanted to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a tablet and at the same time tell a powerful story that viewers can guide their own experience.

“Partnering with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation we are excited to raise funds to purchase a life-saving incubator for sick babies in hospital.

“We’re eager to see the impact this story can have!”

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