Taboola Announces New Strategic Partnership With Sony

Taboola Announces New Strategic Partnership With Sony

Taboola has announced a strategic partnership with Sony Network Communications, a group company of Sony Corporation.

Under the partnership, Sony Network Communications will integrate Taboola News into Sony News Suite services to bring a personalised editorial experience to their broad consumer base.

The goal of the partnership is to enable Sony to bring personalised and relevant content from Taboola’s global network of premium publishers to News Suite services.

In addition to increasing user engagement, Taboola News creates a new revenue stream for Sony Network Communications and provides Taboola’s publisher partners with a new audience growth engine, all while supporting quality journalism.

Sony Network Communications will integrate the Taboola News feed directly on the News Suite, surfacing relevant, personalised news and content from its network of premium publishers.

Mobile carriers and mobile device manufacturers are utilising Taboola News to surface content directly into their devices and news apps from the nearly 50 markets around the world where Taboola operates. Taboola is able to leverage its AI-driven personalisation engine to showcase content users are most likely to be interested in consuming next.

Through the partnership, Sony Network Communications and Taboola will enable premium publishers to share curated content in an immersive news reading experience with millions of people and diversify their dependency on traffic sources.

For brands, Taboola provides the unprecedented opportunity to be recommended side-by-side to some of the most innovative journalistic publishers reaching larger audiences without the ties of walled gardens.

Sony Network Communications general manager Makoto Ishii said: “Taboola’s advanced deep learning technology and in-depth knowledge of users’ preferences makes them the perfect innovation partner for Sony News Suite.

“Their discovery platform allows us to provide our mobile users across 200 countries and territories as a way to discover new and exciting content fully integrated with our Android mobile experience.”

Taboola founder and CEO Adam Singolda (feature image) said: “Our focus over the next 10 years is to help bring quality journalism and news to all devices, and drive hundreds of millions of people back to the open web.

“Mobile usage, in particular, is increasing with today’s users checking their mobile phones nearly 100 times a day.

“With smartphones becoming increasingly prominent in day-to-day experiences from browsing to shopping, Taboola brings readers back to the open web strengthening today’s publishers by granting them direct access to their audiences, in the same way SEO did over the last 20 years.

“There is a massive opportunity for premium publishers, advertisers and smartphone manufacturers alike to engage with these audiences in a way that is deeply personal and creates long-term digital relationships that are based on value and trust.

“We are honoured to collaborate on the journey with Sony Network Communications, and power those ‘moments of next’ where users are open to discover things they may like and never knew existed.”

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