Study: Gen Y Mums Ditching Mags And Newspapers For Facebook And Instagram

Study: Gen Y Mums Ditching Mags And Newspapers For Facebook And Instagram

A new study into young, Millennial Aussie mums has, unsurprisingly, found that they’re decreasingly getting their information from traditional media like magazines and newspapers and turning to social media.

The study of 2000 Gen Y mothers by parenting site Babyology was designed to highlight the impact social media has on modern-day mothers.

Chief findings of the study included:

●  Millennial mums are busy and engaged; despite having young children at home, they are going to concerts, festivals, cultural events, galleries and movies in greater numbers than the Australian average.

●  They are planning for a big year ahead too, with 23 per cent planning on volunteering in the community, 20 per cent planning to take up formal study, and 34 per cent planning on taking up a new hobby.

●  The top five worries for millennial mums are household finances, finding enough me-​time, keeping up with the housework, lack of sleep and a lack of time to exercise.

●  70 per cent rely on online and social media to keep up with the news and world events – startlingly, over 60 per cent read a printed newspaper or magazine less than once a month or never.

●  61 per cent think social media like Facebook and Instagram is essential to keep up with what’s going on.

●  Over half (57 per cent) spend their time online shopping and browsing online stores.

●  Some 90 per cent say if they need information on anything, they tend to go online first before they do anything else.


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