Study: 70% Of Aussies Are Planning A Holiday, As Domestic Travel Tops The List

Study: 70% Of Aussies Are Planning A Holiday, As Domestic Travel Tops The List

In the last 12 months, the proportion of Australians planning to take a holiday has increased to 70 per cent the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey as revealed.

This recent increase appears to have been driven primarily by an uptick in domestic holiday intention and steady overseas travel.

In the October-December 2016 quarter, 68 per cent of the population had a holiday in the pipeline, with 52 per cent reporting that they were planning an Aussie holiday in the coming 12 months. As of the October-December 2017 quarter, total holiday intention increased to 70 per cent (up 583,000 people), and domestic intention increased to 54 per cent (up 570,000 people).

In contrast, overseas holiday intention is the same as it was a year ago (11per cent), remaining relatively stable over the last 12 months (up 60,000 people).

Australians intending to take a holiday in the next 12 months

7489c1Obviously, holiday intention can vary between different segments of the population, with factors such as current life circumstances and even whether they’re based in an urban or rural area having a bearing.

For example, holiday intention is markedly higher among parents of kids aged under 16 (74 per cent) than among Aussies in childless households (61 per cent), with this difference applying to both domestic (61 per cent vs 45 per cent) and overseas (10 per cent vs 12 per cent ) holidays. ‘Empty nesters’ are above average for overall intention (77 per cent) due to the elevated proportion of them planning a domestic holiday (61 per cent), while older folks (aged 65+) are less likely to have any kind of getaway on the horizon.

Furthermore, while 70 per cent of Australians living in capital cities and 65 per cent of those based in regional areas are planning a holiday, it’s interesting to see that the former are more likely to have an overseas trip on the horizon (12 per cent) than the latter (seven per cent), while the reverse is quite even for domestic holiday plans (54.1 per cent of country Australians vs 53.8 per cent of city-dwellers).

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